The IHMS Team: People With a Passion

Ask clients why they consider IHMS a trusted partner and time and again they’ll say it’s because of the people.

We are not strangers to health care eligibility and revenue-cycle management; our team boasts a combined 100-plus years of experience in self-pay and government-related receivables management. This includes a deep understanding of medical eligibility criteria, including complex Medicaid requirements.

But as important as our collective years of experience is a culture of caring that starts at the top of the organization. You see, we are not just a collection of people completing a task. At the core of what we do are the patients who we are helping the most. If we are successful in helping them, then everyone wins.

And unlike other revenue cycle management firms, we are independently owned, and everyone – including our founders – plays an active role in every account.

Meet our seasoned management team and feel free to contact them with any questions.

Betsy Moore is a veritable encyclopedia on federal, state and county medical reimbursement regulations, and she applies that knowledge to help clients to meet – and exceed – their strategic and financial goals. She also trains providers in state Medicaid and related financial counseling services, along with billing process improvements.

Betsy has served in internal leadership positions and as a consultant for hospitals and other health care organizations for more than three decades.

Look up the word “passion” in the dictionary, and chances are, you’ll find Larry Roberts’ name. Larry sets the tone for the IHMS team with his highly analytical approach to health care receivables management, along with his fervor for helping hospitals and patients alike.

Larry oversees the company’s complex information technology infrastructure. In fact, he developed proprietary systems for clients to retrieve vital information quickly and efficiently while ensuring the highest level of reporting. Larry brings more than 37 years of experience in patient accounts, financial management and operations to his position. He readily shares his industry expertise through leadership in a variety of industry trade associations.

Craig joined IHMS in May of 2015 as the Vice President of Client Development. His diverse background includes over 30 years in the healthcare industry assisting numerous organizations with strategic business development management structures.  He is an active member and speaker as well as holding board and officer positions in numerous industry organizations including the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM), National Association of Healthcare Access Managers (NAHAM), Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), and the Colorado Managed Care Collaboration (CMCC).

Craig spent over 17 years at Equifax’s Insurance and Medical Division. He has a BBA in Business Management from Western Illinois University and is a participant in the Accelerated Executive MBA program at the University of Phoenix.

Marcie Quijada grew up in the receivables management business, having worked as an eligibility interviewer, an operations director in charge of developing patient financial analysis and billing account representatives, and a regional director working alongside IHMS clients and staff.

In her current role, Marcie serves as an operations analyst, providing daily technical and quality audits of accounts for IHMS and its customers. This includes facilitating training for IHMS desk staff and standardizing IHMS collection processes.

Sara Sheats is really good at her job at IHMS for a variety of reasons, but especially because of her eye for detail. She pays close attention to revenue reporting trends, coding and government regulations, which helps clients achieve the highest possible reimbursement. She has a vast knowledge of the medical revenue cycle, thanks to a dozen years of experience in everything from eligibility and operations to billing and collections.

Sara is an active member of Healthcare Financial Management Association, serving on committees and as a speaker about the impact of effective teams on the revenue cycle.

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