Out-of-State Medicaid Services

Helping to make dealing with out-of-state Medicaid plans a little easier

One of the more complex and neglected payers, out-of-state Medicaid claims, can cause so many headaches providers often choose simply to write these claims off rather than enduring the stress associated with the billing and follow-up necessary to get them paid.

At IHMS we see services provided to out-of-state Medicaid patients as a valuable source of revenue for our clients. Therefore, it is critical the IHMS team members dedicated to out-of-state Medicaid billing understand all of the related concepts and requirements to ensure maximum reimbursement.

IHMS has developed a full scope of services associated with making the enrollment process, billing and follow-up as painless as possible for healthcare providers.

IHMS takes many actions to maximize payment on out-of-state Medicaid claims. These actions include determining the number of out-of-state patients treated, billing for services properly, investigating additional sources of reimbursement, appealing reimbursement decisions that are incorrect or erroneous and by making sure our clients actively participate in neighboring state Medicaid programs and actively contract for the maximum level of reimbursement for their services.

Everyone that has dealt with out-of-state Medicaid claims knows the process starts with enrolling in the state program which is often the most difficult hurdle. IHMS’ dedicated unit will help to enroll, keep track of your licensing documents, advise you as to known reimbursement issues and helps you to make the right decision when determining whether or not to participate in another state’s Medicaid program. Together we can tackle this often difficult reimbursement challenge.

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