ACA Open Enrollment Services

IHMS adopts a “Culture of Coverage” to meet the needs of healthcare providers, their patients and their families

IHMS and our Open Enrollment Services are about helping patients and their families obtain access to healthcare by enrolling in Medicaid or the health insurance market through an Exchange.

With the onset of healthcare reform and Medicaid expansion, IHMS realized it was a time to look at how to connect people to care in a different way. IHMS adopted a “Culture of Coverage” helping the uninsured find a healthcare home. IHMS accomplishes this mission by working with healthcare providers to develop an outreach program and engage in outreach activities during open enrollment that encourages patient and community participation. IHMS is a Certified Application Counselor entity and we employ the use of a Call Center to further our efforts at reaching out to the communities our clients’ serve. Our IHMS Call Center team members are certified.

Application Counselors and can readily answer patient questions and help guide them through the application and/or enrollment process.

IHMS can also help you reach out to targeted populations in an effort to find coverage and a healthcare home for those with the greatest need for coverage.

Integrated Health Management Services Triple Win Testimonial

We are about creating programs that connect people with healthcare coverage and making your community a healthier one!

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