Integrated Health Management Services Expands Work For Dignity Health in Central and Southern California

IHMS to partner with hospitals to provide eligibility management, billing follow-up services

(PHOENIX) Integrated Health Management Services has expanded its scope of work for long-time client Dignity Health in central and southern California.

This week, IHMS implemented its Third-Party Eligibility program in partnership with Dignity hospitals’ admitting and registration teams in eight hospitals located in North Hollywood, Long Beach and San Francisco, California. A month earlier, the company assumed billing and follow-up services for nine additional Dignity facilities in the central part of the state.

The goal is to alleviate the financial burden for Dignity Health patients, while maximizing third-party reimbursement for the hospitals, according to Betsy Moore, principal and chief operating officer of IHMS.

“Ultimately, we want to improve overall health outcomes by keeping the hospitals laser-focused on patient care,” she said.

IHMS has a comprehensive process for helping patients apply for government and other financial assistance programs based on their income and other criteria established by federal, state and local agencies. This includes reaching out to patients at an IHMS field office in their communities, their hospital bedsides or in their homes, and then conducting ongoing check-ins to help them locate documents critical to the insurance coverage process.

Additionally, IHMS brings a deep understanding of the complexities of medical billing and is able to leverage this knowledge in claims resolution for Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Administration coverage. IHMS also patients in obtaining health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, with full implementation of hospital-based presumptive eligibility.

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