The IHMS Way

There is no shortage of firms that qualify uninsured patients for benefits programs or help clients collect on unpaid hospital bills. Yet none of them does it quite like IHMS. That’s because IHMS has a passion for helping people. It is this shared philosophy that guides everything we do.

A comprehensive approach.

But increasing patient enrollment, and ultimately third-party dollars, doesn’t just happen. It requires a high level of engagement. IHMS invests in the best people, the best training programs and the best technology to make this possible. We also have a proven process that helps us achieve the desired goals.

Customized operating procedures. At the start, IHMS and its hospital partners jointly devise a customized operating procedure that serves as a roadmap for our work.

Monthly reviews. We also schedule monthly face-to-face meetings with every member of the hospital team to ensure that engagement remains on task and defined targets are met.

Real-time system documentation. And we document everything – notes, along with action codes and other patient activities – that can be immediately accessed by our hospital clients, and which are used for audit and work-standard verification by IHMS.

Referral and Account Management System (RAMS). Using a proprietary, Web-based patient eligibility program, IHMS consolidates patient information into a single database, making retrieval fast and efficient. RAMS also allows for a higher level of reporting capabilities by integrating SQL Reporting Services.

Initiative, Honor, Motivation and Service: A mantra for staff, a promise to clients.

IHMS isn’t just the name of our company. It’s a mantra for our staff and a promise to our customers. It’s about taking initiative, serving with honor, working within the greatest motivation and delivering exceptional service. It’s the basis for our training and our model for the way we work with our clients. In short, it’s what we call the IHMS Way.

Technical capabilities that are second to none.

Along with an experienced team, IHMS has the tools needed to create a healthy community and a healthy bottom line for hospitals. Our technical capabilities are second to none, enabling the highest level of reporting. IHMS uses the latest version of Citrix for secure, remote, web-based connections to our data center, which gives our partner hospitals access to critical applications from anywhere in the world. We also established secure B2B VPN connections to major clients, allowing for a seamless connection to existing hospital patient accounting and registration systems.

A proven track record of success.

Health care eligibility, third-party billing and receivables management are driven by relationships and outcomes. Since 1996, IHMS has delivered that and more, helping more than 1 million members of our nation’s uninsured population secure the health coverage they need while recovering $1 billion for some of the nation’s largest hospitals and health care systems.

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