Field Services and Community Outreach

IHMS is a valued partner and a patient advocate working in the communities served by our healthcare clients

Field Services represents a complex list of activities designed to help patients and their families obtain healthcare coverage. While the application process often starts while the patient is still in the hospital, many individuals are unable to complete the process and require some type of assistance post-discharge. IHMS maintains a staff of skilled individuals who are responsible for working with patients and their families in all types of community settings including working with the homeless.

IHMS is able to tailor a program to your specific needs whether you are trying to assist current or past patients or the community at large, all in an effort to reduce the number of uninsured. IHMS has a mission to create a “Culture of Coverage” and we can assist you in achieving this same goal.

There are also many opportunities to work with the communities served by our client partners. IHMS has been instrumental in setting up round table discussions with homeless shelters and having the hospital take an active part in these events. By bringing together various organizations in a community, IHMS is able to enlist the cooperation of the community through educational opportunities that explain our services, our goals and the desire of our healthcare partners to make a difference.

Over the years, IHMS has participated in numerous hospital-based health fairs by setting up a booth to answer patient questions and to assist community members in completing Medicaid applications.

Sometimes it is the small things that can make a big difference. Let us work together to evaluate what we might do for you and the many communities you serve.

Learn more about our services by clicking on our overview link here: IHMS Field Services and Community Outreach

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