Third-Party Liability (TPL/MVA) Services

Increasing recoveries by making the best of every opportunity

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claims are complex, time-consuming and often unprofitable unless handled correctly. For one, the odds are stacked against the provider because almost all such claims involve legal issues unrelated to the care of patients. Meanwhile, for the eighth year in a row, the majority of hospitals CEO’s (according to the American College of Healthcare Executives) list financial challenges as their biggest concern. Collecting revenues from liability claims can help with those concerns.

Keeping a hospital running at an optimal level to provide patients with leading-edge services is becoming increasingly more difficult due to dwindling returns in revenue and rising healthcare costs. Focusing on revenue recovery in MVA claims is critical if medical providers want to look for creative ways to meet these concerns. So how do you achieve this pivotal goal?

IHMS’ Third-party Liability (MVA) Services target the proper identification of primary and secondary payers at patient registration. IHMS’ skilled professional review all accident-related admissions for potential TPL/MVA coverage. By properly identifying the appropriate payers at the time of registration, IHMS can help secure the greatest source of reimbursement which in some cases can pay as much as 100% of charges (Med-Pay, PIP). The key is filing your claim with the appropriate payer as quickly as possible.

IHMS also asserts your right to file liens and works closely with you to negotiate settlements on perfected liens. Through these actions reimbursement to you is maximized helping address just one of the many financial challenges of healthcare providers today.

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