Eligibility Services for Critical Access Hospitals

Recognizing the needs of Critical Access Hospitals

Many Critical Access Hospitals are located in areas where the self-pay population may not be significant enough to warrant on-site eligibility assistance, but there is still a need to provide assistance to this traditionally underserved population.

IHMS has developed a unique Eligibility Program for Critical Access Hospitals that makes available to them remote agents who can assist patients with obtaining healthcare coverage whether that coverage is retrospective as with Medicaid or prospective as with the Federal or State Exchange.

One of the unique features is that IHMS, in coordination with the local facility, places a remote workstation onsite at the provider’s location that can be remotely accessed by trained Certified Application Counselors who are available to assist a patient and/or family member in completing an online application for healthcare coverage. The agent can even assist the patient with uploading supporting documentation when required. This program brings the benefits of trained specialists to Critical Access Hospitals whose self-pay volumes rarely can support onsite personnel but who have a desire to further engage the uninsured in their community.

This service fits nicely into IHMS philosophy of finding every person a healthcare home and contributes to our belief in a “culture of coverage”. It is through these efforts and those of our hospital partners that we bring healthcare within reach of every American.

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