A Proven Track Record of Success

Healthcare eligibility, third-party billing and receivables management are driven by relationships and outcomes. Since 1996, IHMS has delivered that and more, helping more than 1 million members of our nation’s uninsured population secure the health coverage they need, while recovering $1 billion for some of the nation’s largest hospitals and healthcare systems.

IHMS is proud of its long-standing relationship with clients and the results we deliver to them. Some cases in point:

IHMS Helps Northwest Medical Center Realize a 100 Percent Turnaround in Medicaid Collections

Verifying third-party eligibility and billing subsequent claims is difficult for hospitals that do not have the resources to visit discharged patients in their homes, collect pending documentation and provide information on social services.

This was the case at Northwest Medical Center, a 300-bed hospital in Tucson, Ariz., which faced a backlog of eligibility and recovery cases.

Case study-Northwest Medical Center

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