On Target Receivables Management
By focusing exclusively on Healthcare payer sources since 1996, IHMS has become one of the nation's leading experts in providing Self-Pay and Government based healthcare receivable services. With twelve locations across the Country, IHMS has the geographic, human, technical, and financial resources to provide best-in-class recovery for its many healthcare partners.

What IHMS Does
IHMS specializes in reducing Self-Pay debt, increasing cash, resolving aged accounts receivable and improving patient service within the traditional Self-Pay, Medicaid, AHCCCS, Medi-Cal and Medicare space. The Company's patient sensitive Medicaid Eligibility programs are designed to seamlessly convert Self-Pay classified accounts to verifiable third party accounts, while its Government Billing solutions, and Self-Pay First Party uninsured and Balance-after-Insurance program, allow for the timely resolution of aged or unpaid receivables.

Why IHMS is Different
IHMS is a privately held company with dynamic technical, human and financial resources. Its long-term focus is on the client, the patient base they serve, and the success of the ultimate deliverable, not shareholder or venture capital interests. Company Principals are unencumbered to apply the necessary resources to any client engagement.

From Admissions to the Emergency Room, IHMS truly believes that working closely with, and listening carefully to its many client partners, are critical components in forging lasting business relationships.


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